PCF Collaborates With Private Sector Businesses and
Government Agencies

How Is The Pacific Cooperation Foundation
Involved With The Pacific Region?

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Regional Leadership, Collaboration and Connections

PCF represents New Zealand as a Private Sector leader within the region, in particular through proactive engagement in the Private Sector dialogue. Collaborative relationships and connections are fostered with all stakeholders in the region.

An underlying principle of PCF is to maintain close coordination, collaboration and connections with the range of agencies involved in Pacific issues in Auckland, in particular the the MFAT Auckland Office, NZT&E, NZ Business Councils, Auckland Chamber of Commerce and Pacific Trade & Invest (PT&I).

PCF maintains a broad network of business connections in the Pacific region both directly with individual export businesses but also with cluster organisations such as local chambers of commerce and regional sector bodies. These include:

  • The Secretariat of the Pacific Community
  • The Pacific Island Forum Secretariat (& Pacific Trade & Invest)
  • The Pacific Island Private Sector Organisation
  • The National Private Sector Organisations
  • The Pacific Island Tuna Industry Association
  • Amongst others

PCF also has strategic relationships with donors within the region:

  • The European Union
  • The World Bank
  • United National Development Programme

Greater collaboration with stakeholders and donors will enable better connection and collaboration between public and private sectors.

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Business Accelerator Programme

Export growth & Import Substitution

The Business Accelerator Programme aims to encourage growth and build export capability of Pacific businesses. PCF business accelerators can connect selected Pacific businesses with the services and technical capability to grow their export capacity.

PCF provides due diligence review of regional business and is a primary source of expertise for analysing the potential for business growth. The programme is designed to be flexible, to address varying business development needs and to help build regional export capability.

In certain circumstances funds may be allocated to address a broad range of business development needs. These include consultancy, mentoring, technical support, business and leadership development, sales and marketing, among others.

The deadline for business accelerator applications to be recieved from businesses in the Pacific region for the first round of funding is Friday 9th January 2015.

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Pacific Engagement

Shifting Perceptions

The Pacific Engagement Programme aims to change the perceptions of New Zealanders about the Pacific, in particular products and services from the region.

The PCF Media Programme provides funding to enhance media exposure in the Pacific region, by offering NZ journalists the chance to travel to the Pacific to research and prepare stories i.e. newspaper articles, radio, website / blogging that focuses on business and trade issues in the Pacific.

The Leadership Programme is centred on the development of the following:

* PCF Alumni for NZ Aid Scholarship recipients – PCF will work in partnership with the MFAT Scholarship Programme to create a thriving alumni that supports ‘in-country’ recipients.

* PCF Internship Programme – PCF will work with Pacific based students to intern at PCF and also NZ based students to work with PCF on its projects. There will also be a summer intern based at PCF.

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Event Management Programme

The best of the Pacific

PCF provides event management expertise for delivery of important events and conferences in New Zealand and throughout the Pacific. Past events such as the recent United Nations Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Village, which promoted the best of Samoa and the Pacific to the world (refer to the SIDS video), the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF), the Pacific Energy Summit and the Pacific Showcase Event Series, have proven to be a great success.

Further to this, PCF hosts its annual Pacific Wave conferences which focuses on a particular issue facing the Pacific region. In June 2014, the Pacific Wave focused on export growth and included guest speakers such as His Excellency Shane Jones and CEO of the Superfund Adrian Orr.

PCF also hosts breakfast events for Pacific leaders’ gatherings such as the Returning Heads of Mission (HOM) Breakfast.

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True Pacific Programme

Regional Quality Mark

True Pacific is a regional quality mark programme. The True Pacific mark represents the best quality products from the Pacific Islands, and the products displaying it are of genuine Pacific origin and strict quality standards.

There are currently more than 20 True Pacific licensed enterprises creating artisan products in the spa and beauty sector and the food and beverage sector. PCF works closely with all enterprises registered with the True Pacific programme and endeavours to provide them with the best technical and marketing support.

The True Pacific brand also aims to promote the best of the Pacific to export markets including New Zealand. For more information visit www.truepacific.com