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INDIGITECH #PacifiCode inspires Pacific youngsters.

News 28 Jun 2021

The Pacific Cooperation Foundation is proud to partner with Code Avengers, Amazon Web Services, Education Perfect, and PNG Flying Labs to deliver ‘INDIGITECH #PacifiCode’ code camps programme in Papua New Guinea starting on Monday 28 June.

The INDIGITECH code camp will enable PNG primary school pupils to learn about coding fundamentals and basic computer science. The programme will have a designated theme; in Papua New Guinea the code camp will have a health focus concentrating particularly on COVID-19. The code camp in PNG will be led by the PNG Flying Labs team at the Port Moresby International School with 20 participants.

The PacifiCode camps will be run by Kevin and Sophia Soli from Flying Labs PNG, who are currently training to become Code Avengers Certified Facilitators. The first code camp kicked off on Monday 28th June at Port Moresby International school with 20 eager students which included a strong representation of females.

The Indigitech camps are delivered over 2-3 days, and are a blend of cross-curricular, and culturally responsive project-based learning to provide students with hands-on experience of creating a digital outcome. Students at the Port Moresby camp created a health themed video game and designed their own webpage to showcase their newly acquired coding skills.

Dr Nathan Ross, Deputy New Zealand High Commissioner attended the opening ceremony, and in his speech stated: “This is a fantastic initiative that’s happening here. IT is one of those areas that cuts across everything that we do in the modern times and so you’re able to mix it with anything you’re passionate about. Digital innovation brings us together. It drives our economic prosperity by generating new ideas. It drives our economic prosperity by generating new ideas, new companies, new industries and new creative platforms. And with it, digital innovation brings new opportunities for you people to connect to the world.

By teaching skills like coding, we can equip the next generation of young PNG students with the skills to fully participate in an expanding global sector, one that will shape future generations to come.”

Indigitech camps aim to engage indigenous learners in STEM and coding activities, to build digital capability and help to bridge the digital divide. Code camps are also a valuable way to excite young people and provide a pathway into future tech-related careers. Indigenous learners are currently underrepresented in this industry, however the opportunities for innovation, employment, and making a difference to communities through STEM are invaluable.

The second camp in Papua New Guinea will take place in the first week of July at the IBS university. This camp will be attended by students from the rural Sabusa primary school, located in Central Province, Papua New Guinea. More PacifiCode camps are planned in Samoa in the coming months.