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Pacific Cooperation Foundation appoints Board Co-Chairs

News 16 Feb 2021

The Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the election of Christine Nurminen and Leaupepe Ta’ala Ralph Elika as co-chairs of the board.

Christine said, “I’m really honoured to serve on the first indigenous Pacific board for the PCF, and to work alongside Leaupepe to take the PCF forward.”

Leaupepe who has come full circle back to the PCF after previously being a PCF staff member, said, “It’s about giving back and having all that intrinsic background about the origins and history of the PCF, gives me that understanding of what the PCF stands for, and what we want and can achieve for the Pacific region.”

The PCF board acknowledged the tautua and leadership of Fiso John Fiso after he stepped down from the Chair role at the end of 2020.

PCF’s newly appointed Management Consultant Afamasaga Jackie Curry said, “The PCF board with their combined skills and networks, will provide strong and balanced governship to steer the PCF’s strategic vision going forward.”

The PCF Board are:

Christine Nurminen (co-chair) - International Portfolio Manager, Pacific Region for Oxfam New Zealand
Leaupepe Ta’ala Ralph Elika (co-chair) - Director of Elika Consulting Group
David Vaeafe - Media, Engagement and Tourism Consultant
Dr. Katerina Teaiwa - Associate Professor in Pacific Studies at the Australian National University
Dr. Steven Ratuva - Director of the Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Felicity Bollen - Director of New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Pacific Connections
Josiah Tualamali’I - Pacific Youth Leadership and Transformation Council Trustee, Youth & Wellbeing Consultant
Rachel Petero - Chief Executive of RISE 2025.

Media Contact: Laree Taula 021 992 200

Image: Christine Nurminen and Leaupepe Ralph Elika, Co-Chairs of the PCF Board