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The Pacific Fusion Fashion Show ‘POLYNATION’ hosted by Pacific Cooperation Foundation in the Capital

Media 5 Dec 2020

The Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) was extremely proud to be the platinum sponsor for, ‘The Pacific Fusion Fashion Show ‘POLYNATION’, celebrating five years of success for PFF Ltd on Saturday night.

The PCF hosted a special red carpet event with 130 invited guests to the City Gallery in Wellington. POLYNATION was also broadcasted on FREEVIEW TV (Channel 200) and live streamed via The Coconet TV and FashioNZ Facebook pages.

PCF lead Afamasaga Jackie Curry said, “The Pacific Fashion industry has hugely untapped potential for export opportunities for our Pacific people, especially in the Pacific region at this time with closed borders, because it isn’t just about fashion, it’s about livelihoods.

“This event was an opportunity to not only share with New Zealand, the Pacific region, and the world, the incredible breadth of Pacific creative fashion talent, but also bring in a network of key people to support these talented individuals to accelerate their fashion career goals and businesses to the next level.

“It is also very exciting the event was held in Wellington, the creative Capital of New Zealand and home to the second largest Pacific population in New Zealand,” Afamasaga said

Creative Director and Founder of PFFS Nora Swann said, “I’m really proud of what my team of volunteers and long standing partners have achieved over the last four years. Every year we go to new levels of creativity and deliver a quality high fashion event. We work hard behind the scenes to support and coach our emerging models and designers to break new ground and it’s very rewarding to see people grow and flourish.

“POLYNATION is dedicated to all our resilient and courageous Polynesian creative community who have been hit hard this year with COVID. I am so proud of everyone involved because we truly have produced a world-class digital content fashion show,” Nora Swann said.

Image L - R: PCF Intern Luke White, PCF Partnerships and Special Projects Officer Laree Taula, PCF Board Member Christine Nurminen, PCF Marketing and Communications Manager Suzanne Suisuiki, Pacific Fashion Fusion Show Creative Director Nora Swann, PCF Management Consultant Afamasaga Jackie Curry, PCF Board Member Rachel Petero - Ko Waikato Te Iwi, PCF Partnerships and Special Projects Officer Safia Archer, PCF Programme Development Manager Linda Kaua and PCF Programme Administrator Cathryn Laban.