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PCF Hosts Pacific Women in Business Workshop

News 20 Oct 2020

PCF Hosts Pacific Women in Business Workshop

The Pacific Co-operation Foundation (PCF) is gearing up for its ‘Pacific Women in Business’ work shop on Monday evening in Auckland.

PCF Chair and Acting CEO Fiso John Fiso said, “We are wrapped that over 70 women in Auckland are booked to attend this workshop and it is also available via zoom for anyone who wishes to attend within New Zealand and across the Pacific region.”

“This workshop is designed for participants who are at the start of their enterprise journey.The workshop will include how to build a reputation through social media, setting up an e-commerce platform, and knowing their currency as a businesswoman.

Presenters for the sessions include Agnes Loheni, an accomplished Samoan businesswoman in the manufacturing, export and retail sector as an owner of the Pacific fashion brand called MENA, and also online entrepreneur Hana Schmidt and social media specialist Mary Aue.

Fiso John Fiso said, “The fact this workshop is fully booked shows there is a very strong appetite amongst many Pacific women to find alternative means for increasing their household incomes in a way that fits in with their busy lives and families, and that will lead to higher incomes.

The latest statistics show that only about 1.6 percent of Pacific people own their own business, including a median weekly income of $954 lower than for other ethnic groups.

Pacific women are disproportionately worse off across a range of income and employment measures. According to data from the Public Service Association, drawn from Statistics NZ figures, Pasifika women earned on average 25.4 per cent less than Pākehā men .

“The PCF is strongly committed to gender pay equality and this is one way we can contribute by ensuring Pacific women can be exposed to business mentorship and networking opportunities to develop and expand their businesses so that they can lead prosperous lives,” Fiso John Fiso said.

“We want to see more entrepreneurial Pacific women achieve access to international export markets and help them towards their aspirations in business, for the betterment of their families, their communities and their countries.

"The PCF is excited to see where the journeys of all the women who attend this workshop lead to, including those from the Pacific region zooming in, and we look forward to hosting other workshops in the future,” Fiso John Fiso said.