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Pacific region takes a stand against COVID-19

News 26 Aug 2020

Please keep checking this page for all the latest updates from around the region regarding COVID-19.

The New Zealand Government have launched a website dedicated to providing all the latest updates regarding COVD-19. See below

Unite against COVID-19 | For Pacific communities in Aotearoa, NZ

Other websites providing up to date information on COVID-19 and other relevant matters i.e. travel restrictions:

NZ Ministry of Health

Safe Travel NZ

World Health Organisation (WHO) Pacific division

SPC - COVID-19: Pacific Community Updates

For New Zealand exporters NZTE has also launched their own COVID-19 site.

- Cook Islands
- the Federated States of Micronesia
- Fiji | For Fiji-based businesses | Fiji Covid-19 updates
- French Polynesia
- Kiribati | Ministry of Health and Medical Services Facebook page
- Marshall Islands
- Nauru | Republic of Nauru Twitter
- New Caledonia
- Niue
- Palau
- Papua New Guinea | PNG National Department of Health Facebook page
- Samoa | Government of Samoa Facebook page
- Solomon Islands | Ministry of Health Facebook page
- Tokelau
- Tonga
- Vanuatu
- Wallis and Futuna
- World Health Organisation (WHO) Pacific division