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HIWA - taking Māori and Pacific Women to the world of e-commerce

Media 14 May 2020

Rachel Petero, Waikato-Tainui, co-Chair of Ngāti Tamaoho and Te Ohu Whai Ao Trust Boards, will open applications on Friday 15 May for Māori and Pacific women to take their products to the world.

HIWA is an e-coaching, e-mentoring and e-commerce development programme for Indigenous women to collectively realise their business or service online through Shopify.

A 9 week programme, HIWA focuses on coaching and mentoring participants through a journey of self-development and self-discovery to an online e-commerce store presence.

Petero founder of Rise2025 global training and leadership consultancy adds “An e-commerce store is one of many outputs of HIWA. Our focus is on whole life outcomes for Māori and Pacific Wāhine as we enter into a post lockdown life. Socialising in bars and shopping in malls are no longer the norm. We have an opportunity to find new ways to self-determine our online space both locally and internationally. HIWA has landed at the perfect time”.

A chance meeting at The World Indigenous Business Forum in Vancouver last October with Jace Meyer, Shopify’s lead for Indigenous Entrepreneurs, was the start of the partnership conversation. Petero and Meyer are confident the timing is right for HIWA to grow this global Indigenous space.

“Shopify are honoured to partner directly with an Indigenous woman in business who already lives and breathes Indigenous values with her strong Māori culture and global connections. We have 6 partnerships focused on Indigenous business and they are all unique. Inez White, Te Arawa, is our newly appointed Global Indigenous Ambassador. HIWA is focused on Indigenous women and the coaching element of the programme is one of the main reasons we feel this will really work with Shopify’s values to grow and develop Indigenous communities”.

Applications for the 9 week HIWA programme will open on Friday 15 May via a livestream launch at 12pm on the Rise2025 Facebook page.

“Having coached and trained 1,000’s of women around the world there are common themes that continue to show up. Negative self-talk, lack of self-confidence and super talented women with fears and beliefs that can keep them stuck. That’s the true value of this programme is the ability to work on your limiting behaviours through our cultural understanding. Anyone can launch an online store, sustaining it and directing your customers to it 24/7 is the trick. That’s what HIWA will give you. The emotional strength to get up every day to reach your full potential and authentically represent your business online to the world”. Petero concluded.