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Many hands make light work

Success Stories 14 Apr 2020

Lyna Misikaram describes herself as an 'optimistic person' and it's not hard to see why.

Born and raised in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, she says people have a misconception of her home city and that it pays to look past the media's portrayal.

"Most people that have never visited Port Moresby base their assumptions entirely on the media's negative events and form their own impressions of the city as the most dangerous with a reputation for lawlessness," Lyna says.

"However, there is much more to it than that."

"The 'land of the unexpected brings its own unique opportunities and offers a diverse culture with a strong sense of community and beautiful, friendly people."

As one of four in her family, Lyna says her two older brothers and younger sister have been lucky to been raised by parents who she says are 'the foundations' of the family.

Lyna's optimism propelled her to look out for her parents' wellbeing when her mother decided to become a full-time housewife and her father retired. It was during that time that Lyna had completed her diploma in Electrical Technology at the Don Bosco Institution in PNG but decided she wanted to go further so she could help out her family.

"Being the optimistic person that I am, I never saw the diploma as my last level of education as I knew there were plenty of opportunities out there for me," Lyna explains,

"Considering the fact that my parents were no longer working, I decided to work and save up for further studies whilst keeping an eye out for scholarships overseas."

"In 2018, I succeeded in attaining a New Zealand MFAT scholarship to study a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering at Auckland University of Technology and that was one of my proudest achievements."

In addition to her impressive list of achievements, Lyna also highlighted that being a part of PCF's summer internship programme which led her to intern at Jackson Electrical has been a privilege.

Although female participation in the trades sector remains low, Lyna says Papua New Guinea is in dire need of an initiative that will help the country minimise its issues around electricity.

"The concept of electricity being harnessed, transmitted and distributed to various levels of consumers is intriguing. Studying and gaining work experience in New Zealand has broadened my knowledge and has given me confidence in my career path."

"Papua New Guinea is facing a lot of power disruptions and outages and I believe that creating a strategy to deliver on the country's 2050 mission and vision will help limit the cost of demand in electricity and provide a balanced distribution of power during peak times."

"Of course there are other important issues such as health services and education but I believe that it's the little things that you do that can make an impact on society."

Image: Lyna during the PCF Summer Internship programme final review.