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Final review reveals resilience among interns

News 12 Feb 2020

After spending almost 10 weeks gaining real-life work experience in various organisations around the country, the 2019 - 2020 summer interns returned to the PCF office for their final review of the programme.

PCF CEO Don Mann and Programme Development Manager Linda Kaua congratulated the interns and said that the internship was a step towards greater opportunities ahead of them.

The all-female cohort whom most come from Melanesian countries, each explained how their programme went which was a totally new experience for some, while for others the internship was a chance for them to bring something new to their workplace.

For Victoria University student Amanda Kora, she encountered cultural and personal challenges within her placement at MBIE office in Wellington.

"Coming from a semi-urban working environment, I was overwhelmed at first when I walked into an urban city office," Amanda said

"I also became very aware of having to deal with cultural barriers such as appropriate conversation and protocol amongst my team as all of them were non-Pacific."

"A similar but different perspective to studying within a multicultural environment at university. This was very challenging at first but in time I learnt what approach worked best and how to best deliver questions that I had."

Josephine Lagi, who also interned at MBIE in Wellington says that she learnt something new everyday, particularly about New Zealand.

"Working in a government agency and getting a taste of how it actually is the key highlight for me," she said.

"However the key highlight would be finally understanding the machinery of the New Zealand government and how the government agencies operate. I loved everything about it."

"The culture and the work environment at MBIE is flexible and I felt that the people there were genuinely determined to do things not for their own benefit but for the whole of New Zealand, especially the Māori, Pacific peoples and immigrants."

"I will cherish this experience and apply it when I return home and enter the workforce."

To view the full album of the final review, please click here. We will also continue with the PCF Summer Intern stories until the remaining interns have been profiled.

The applications for the Summer Internship 2020 - 2021 intake is expected to open around April/May 2020.

Image: PCF Programme Development Manager and CEO Don Mann talking with the 2019 - 2020 PCF summer interns during their final review