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Making it on unfamiliar grounds

Success Stories 4 Feb 2020

Getting out of comfort zones can be easy for some people, but for PCF summer intern 2019/20 Esther Gegelagi it came at a cost.

"I sacrificed a lot to be here which was entirely my decision," she says

"I left a well paid job, left my extended family and friends to travel thousands of kilometers with my two young children and my partner to a new country to get this degree, but I know when I finally complete my course, it'll be worth it."

Esther, who was born in Papua New Guinea and grew up in four different provinces says that although her decision to leave her home country was challenging, she remained positive as it was her father who inspired her to broaden her horizons.

"My dad above everyone else would be the most influential person in my life as my work ethic and attitude towards life is based on the values he has taught me growing up" she says.

"His backstory inspires me: as a boy who grew up in the village without much, he was awarded a scholarship and went on to university to become a civil engineer. He is the first in his family to make it to uni."

"Some of the advice that he drums into us are: 'sheer hard work, determination, working smart and keeping your faith in God will guide you you and your family towards your goals'".

Studying a Bachelor of Management Studies with a major in Marketing at the University of Waikato, Esther is confident that her degree and her internship with K'aute Pasifika will put her in a good stead when she resumes to the job market in PNG.

"I chose management studies and marketing as it was a part of my work prior to studying."

"After three years of studying, my focus in marketing has shifted towards digital marketing and business as the world has changed so quickly due to technological advancements. Therefore you need to think creatively and keep on innovating to be seen."

Esther believes that creativity and innovation is key to creating opportunities back in PNG.

"Due to the implementation of the Coral Sea Cable, internet costs is set to decrease by 42%"

"This will enable SME's, social media influencers, musicians, artists and everyday individuals to market their brand/products/themselves online and help boost the country's economy."

"I believe I can contribute by sharing my digital marketing skills to others by assisting them to be seen better online and overall make a difference in whatever organisation I work for."

Looking towards the future, Esther's ultimate dream is to one day own her own business and live off grid in her home country.