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Security in the Pacific a top priority for New Zealand

News 29 Oct 2019

New Zealand's Ministry of Defence will be enhancing its security partnerships with the Pacific region.

The ministry released its 'Advancing Pacific Partnerships 2019' strategy which outlines New Zealand's objective to becoming the Pacific's most trusted and reliable partner, investing in Pacific regional security architecture.

"This is our commitment to partnering with the Pacific and recognises our powerful links to the region," says Defence Minister, Mr. Ron Mark.

"Core to our concept of partnership is the assurance that New Zealand's Defence engagement will be sustainable and focused on Pacific priorities. We will be a reliable, trusted and long-term partner to all our friends in the Pacific."

"We are investing in people-to-people initiatives, we are focused on security issues that matter to the Pacific, and we are enhancing our capabilities to contribute to Pacific security."

The strategy attributes climate change, transnational crime and geopolitcal competition to New Zealand's refreshed focus on security in the Pacific.

It also explains that the military will need to collaborate more, be prepared to deploy more, and be present in an increasingly competitive region.

Image: PMN News