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Helping Pacific migrants settle in New Zealand

News 26 Sep 2019

Pacific Settlement Support Services (PSSS), a first-of-its-kind service in New Zealand, is the brainchild of three Samoan businesswomen, Zeprina Fale, Laura Keil-Hall and Mandy Siitia.

Zeprina and Mandy of Bluespur Charitable Trust and Laura Keil-Hall of LKH Consulting officially launched PSSS at The Pacific Business Hub which is also run and owned by Laura.

Although PSSS is based in New Zealand, it is also active in Samoa thanks to Lototau Agency Immigration advisers Roberta Tiatia and Sheryl Silitia who provide pre-migration work.

Zeprina shares that the idea of setting up PSSS stems from each of the three founders' personal history of moving overseas.

"We saw a need for this service based on our own shared migration experiences," she says

"Statistics and anecdotal feedback from many of our Pacific people points to the lack of settlement support and a need for a service such as this."

Mandy Siitia adds, "For us, it's continuing the work that some of our Pacific Island families have been doing since the 1950s."

Laura says that getting PSSS off the ground has been a long time coming having encountered a number of challenges and setbacks until she met Zeprina and Mandy.

"What PSSS wants to do is to position our Pacific people for properity and give them the best start possible with life in New Zealand," Laura states.

"Because it's never been done before, the PSSS team are looking to be flexible and adjust accordingly to the needs of the people, and the programme will be delivered in a way that is culturally relevant and spiritually sensitive."

PSSS acknowledges the support of the community, New Zealand Police, Inland Revenue, the In-Hub businesses at the Pacific Business Hub and Samoa Business Network.

A fee is applied for services, please contact Pacific Settlement Support Services for more information.
Phone: 64 218 8273 or 64 21 963 301.

Pacific Settlement Support Services

Image: L-R: Sheryl Silitia – Lototau Agency, Laura Keil-Hall – LKH Consulting, The Pacific Business Hub, Roberta Tiatia – Lototau Agency, Zeprina Fale & Mandy Siitia – Bluespur Charitable Trust