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Talofa Voucher ready for business

News 15 Aug 2019

The idea of convenient shopping has a new meaning with Pacific40 Limited lauching its Talofa Voucher project in partnership with Ah Liki Wholesale Limited.

The tech company born out of The Pacific Business Hub and supported by the Samoan Business Network has established an e-commerce platform that allows customers in New Zealand and around the world with online banking/credit or debit card access to buy a shopping voucher for their family in Samoa.

What is unique about the concept is that the person buying the voucher will select the shop that is closer to where their family reside to redeem their vouchers but can do their shopping at a partner store that is closer to where they live. This will save money on transport and allow customers longer opening hours as most shops in villages are open until 10pm or 11pm.

"We are launching Talofa Voucher with the 4 Farmer Joe Supermarkets in Upolu to start with and then hopefully expand to other retails stores around Upolu and Savaii," said Falute Vaauli-Lene, Director and Operations Manager of Pacific40 Limited.

She went on to acknowledge that the concept was only possible with a fully established retail infrastructure around Samoa and that is where the partnership with Ah Liki Wholesale Limited was important.

Ah Liki Wholesale Limited has a strong network of retail shops around Samoa through their wholesale business and it is a vital component for the Talofa Voucher shopping experience.

"Ah Liki Wholesale Limited welcomes the opportunity to work with Pacific40 through the Talofa Voucher service as it will allow retail shops in Samoa access to customers in New Zealand and around the world to help drive sales" said Taimalieutu Charlie Westerlund, owner of Ah Liki Investment Limited.

Talofa Voucher is now live and caters to both local and international customers. Voucher redemption is only available at Farmer Joe stores in the following villages:

- Fugalei
- Siusega
- Vaitele Tai
- Saleimoa

For more information, customers can visit Pacific40 Limited Facebook page or their website at

The Pacific Business Hub

Image: Laura Keil-Hall, Managing Director of The Pacific Business Hub and Falute Lene, Director & Operations Manager of Pacific40 Limited