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More villages in Tonga needed to host libraries

News 24 Jul 2019

Books4Tonga supplies books to villages throughout Tonga that want to host a village library for everyone in their village to use. It is seeking 25 more villages to put their name of the list before Thursday 1 August 2019.

The books will arrive in Tonga in early September and Books4Tonga is intending to establish more libraries, helping locals to improve their English through reading, speaking and writing.

There are already B4T libraries throughout Tonga, including Niutoua, 'Utulau, Longamapu, Holopeka, Tufuvai and other villages.

Each library receives 320 books to start with. The libraries are hosted in either a local person's home, or in a village hall. It works well if at least two people share looking after the library. The people who run the library don't need any qualifications, they only need to understand the importance of reading and how it helps people to have a better future. You don't need a big space, and bookshelves are not needed.

The libraries can be very informal, the books can be kept in boxes and put on the floor for reading when the library is open. The library users can sit on mats because chairs and tables are not necessary unless you want to supply them. Libraries open at least twice a week, any time after school finishes during the week and any time on Saturday.

There is a great advantage for anyone who hosts a library from their own home. They benefit from looking after the books, because their own family will have access to some amazing reading material every day.

The libraries provide books for pre-schoolers, early readers, teens, adults. There are fiction and non-fiction books, all of good quality, and they come from New Zealand and Australia.

Are you interested in hosting a village library for your village? Add a village to the list now!

We need your details before 1 August 2019.

Contact Books4Tonga to put your village on the list:
Lavinia Pohahau on 843 2548 or 772 0518
Facebook: Books4Tonga

See website here.