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Driven by curiosity and passion

Success Stories 10 Jul 2019

Bula! My name is Divisha Deepti and I am a student at The University of the South Pacific in Fiji.

I am studying a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Journalism and Social Work. The idea to seriously consider a future in media came from the thought that there was a lot of travelling involved, every day you're required to go somewhere to cover an event which I admittedly found appealing.

Writing was a hobby and I was very curious as to how things were produced for television. As a kid I used to think there were people inside the TV so I would say this childhood curiosity led me to this career path.

The Pacific region has a myriad of issues with climate change being the most pressing. That is why I feel that journalism is very important because it serves as a bridge between the private and public sector. We channel information from both sides so that the community can function well.

As we become more developed in the region, I believe that the media's most important role would be to see that things are done in a justly manner.

I wouldn't say that I have someone in particular that I admire because I actually look up to every individual that works for the media industry.

Due to Fiji's media laws I feel that journalists are constantly under pressure from higher ups and the public.

Whatever we do gets constantly questioned from either high officials or the public therefore having a 'thick skin' is a requirement.

During the PCF media internship, I was impressed with the tours of NZME and TVNZ. It is fascinating and more advanced than what we have at home. I like how there are different departments looking after different fields (online, print, radio) but at the same time collaborating as one organisation.

While speaking to one of the reporters from Sunpix, she regarded Fiji as one of the best places to gain media experience because you mostly work with basic equipment and you do all parts of the job yourself like using the camera, reporting, writing, editing. I was surprised at her revelation because there is no need to do that in bigger media organisations.

However she explained to me that in doing so you get more of a profound experience and if you work in a regional or international organisation you will be much more capable so that is something that made me more appreciative of my home country.

Thank you PCF for allowing me this opportunity to gain exposure, to take it back home and share it with others.

Vinaka vaka levu.