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Three's a charm

News 10 Jun 2019

(L- R: Angelica, Clement and Ayana)

Meet our three interns: Angelica Tovia from AUT University, Clement Baudry from New Caledonia Business School and Ayana Champot from Tahiti Business School.

Ayana Champot

"I was born and raised on Moorea, the sister island of Tahiti (we call it like that because Moorea is the closest island to Tahiti). My parents migrated to Tahiti from France in 1996, my father was a professional surfer but sadly lost his life in the ocean when I was 10. My brother Noe was 14, and my sister Maeva was 17 at the time. After my father's passing we moved to France to reconnect with my family returning to Tahiti four years later.

I now have a little brother who stays with my mother in Moorea. My big sister remains in France and is now a mother to two boys whereas I am here in Auckland with my brother Noe who is now an IT Engineer.

I have attended eight different schools due to my family moving many times but I am now in my third and final year at the Business School in Tahiti where I am set to graduate on August 23, 2019. I major in marketing and chose this field because I see there are a lot of opportunities.

I'd hope that a career in marketing will build up my knowledge and resources to one day start my own company producing eco-friendly products.

My studies has led me to go overseas for internships, prior to interning at PCF, I took up an internship in a hotel in Catalonia Spain. As a result I am now able to converse in Spanish, I love learning new languages.

For this year, I want to fulfill my goal of being fluent in English, travel to Indonesia, the U.S, Canada and visit my family in France. One day I'd like to explore more of the Pacific region."

Clement Baudry

"I was born and raised in Noumea, New-Caledonia, my father was born and raised in France and my mother, in Vietnam. So, I’ve had the chance to learn French, Vietnamese and New-Caledonian culture while growing up. I have two older sisters, Camille, whom is working as a financial advisor in new Caledonia and Sara whom is currently studying Spanish in order to become a Spanish teacher in France.

I attended a public primary school in Noumea, from there I went to a private high school (Blaise Pascal) and then I passed the EGC (Ecole de Gestion et de Commerce) (Business and management school) ‘s exam which led to me studying there.

I decided to major in marketing because it seemed to be a good way to develop the New-Caledonian economy and because I felt like marketing and business in general is the basis of all Society and is what connects all the work fields together, (which is quite inspiring and exciting)

After graduation, my hope is to find a role in a workplace that gives me this feeling of purpose at the end of the day, I want to come home happy with myself because I helped making this world a better place, even if it sounds “cliché”. I would like to work on social, environmental or economic development projects. I’m quite interested into becoming a social entrepreneur.

My goals for this year however is to graduate, earn my driver’s licence and make the most of my work experiences in New-Zealand and in New-Caledonia.

In five years’ time I see myself as a social entrepreneur, working on social, economy or environmental issues in New Caledonia first, then I plan on taking on the world - thanks to the knowledge and contacts I will acquire!"

Angelica Tovia

I was born and raised in South Auckland - the centre of the universe!

Contrary to the popular belief that Pacific families are big, I come from a very small family – as an only child of 2 migrants with a dream from Samoa, all that I am today is a product of my parents’ prayers and determination to provide me with the best life. As an only child my parents have strived to give me all the tools to not only survive but to conquer, I strive to be able to give back to my parents – all their sacrifices, blood, sweat and tears is the foundation of who I am today.

Religion is a vital part of my upbringing, so It was fitting that I attended a catholic primary school in Manurewa, St Annes primary school. I later finished off my studies at Auckland Girls Grammar school so I am a very proud lion Aggs Alumni.

I have always been interested in the way that we function as a society and with studying social sciences, I am able to get behind the logistics and learn more about areas that need attention. In my second year of studies I decided to add an additional major international studies which has given me a wider understanding of intercultural interactions and the importance of being able to effectively communicate. Hand in hand I hope to utilise both my majors to make a difference.

I have a passion to serve so I aim that whichever field I enter that I ultimately give back to the community. As a daughter of migrants, I strive to give back to the Pacific community focusing on the development of youth and contributing to creating a better society for current and future generations.

My main goal for this year is to get capped, walk across the stage and finally be able to fulfil my parents dream. Along the way I know I will encounter many learning curves, so I am excited to see what this year has install for me. Above all, while working towards my main goal I hope to be of service/help to as many people as I can be and to leave a positive impact on every person that I cross paths with.

Outside of studies, my time is very scarce so when I do have free – I make sure to spend time with my family. Whether it be out on adventures, family vacations or just a simple picnic. I make sure to delegate my time wisely between my Social, Personal and Uni life so that I do not neglect any of my responsibilities.

In 5 years time, I hope to see myself in an organisation that gives me the chance to serve, to contribute in initiatives and programmes that adequately cater to the needs of society/Pacific community. Where ever my journey takes me I hope to bring an authentic feel, to offer not only my qualification but my story, who knows, I might be back here in 5 years time!"