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Rotuma Day celebrations

News 8 May 2019

(Picture caption: Rotuman Youth of NZ (RYNZ) perform at the Auckland Museum 2016.)

Rotuma Day commemorates the anniversary of the island’s cession to the UK in 1881 and its official date of cession on May 13, 1881.

A nationwide week-long programme is in place by the NZ Rotuman Fellowship (NZRF) group to celebrate and share our unique identity in Aotearoa through Rotuman traditional dances & folk songs, language & culture and storytelling. We pay great respect and honour to our Rotuman elders in the NZ community and especially in Rotuma with a special mention to Gagaj Taumanav and Ohon Ta Kelear. We also kindly acknowledge our Fijian community in Aotearoa and in Fiji for their support.

With the below programme, we hope to maximise our reach to the entire Rotuman community and non-Rotuman alike to benefit from this exciting week long of celebrations focusing on our Rotuman language, culture and traditions.

With your support, we are confident this venture will be a successful and a memorable one.

Monday 13 May

Rotuma 1881 I A Re-enactment.

Wednesday 15 May

Rotuma- te ‘is ‘otomis haharagi I Youth evening with Rotuman Youth of NZ & UOA Fijian Students Association.

Friday 16 May

Panel and Media Evening with Auckland Museum.

Saturday 17 May

Rotuman Kato’aga I celebrating language and culture + Rotuman Island Night featuring RAKO Pasefika.

For more information join our facebook group NZ Rotuman Fellowship Incorporated or contact NZRF secretary Lorelena Viki on 021 844 538. Faiaksea.