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To whom much is given

Success Stories 19 Feb 2019

(Tiueti pictured inside the Pacific Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Source: PCREEE)

Living on prayers has enabled PCF Summer intern, Tiueti Fangupo from Tonga to achieve numerous successes in her educational journey. As the youngest of seven and a daughter of a pastor, Tiueti describes her upbringing as loving and content.

“I was brought up in a strong Christian family”, the engineering technology student says,

“I would not call it a luxurious upbringing, but we grew up happy and everything just always fell into place with God being at the centre of everything.”

Besides church, education is paramount in the Fangupo household which Tiueti embraces describing knowledge as a means to empower people, particularly for her being an NZ AID scholar and aspiring to become Tonga’s finest civil engineer.

"I don't want to just be a good engineer, I want to be someone that my community can put their trust in when they need me."

(Tiueti, second from left, with her fellow UNITEC students and Dr. Falaniko Tominiko, far right)

Knowing the responsibility that comes with her scholarship, Tiueti is looking forward to returning to Tonga and contribute to its development because she believes the Friendly Islands is capable of becoming a hub of the Pacific.

"If other countries can develop technology and put up high-rise buildings, why not Tonga?"

"This scholarship is a great privilege and the knowledge and exposure I have gained while overseas will enable me to help contribute to the development of my country."

Tiueti is the only intern among the 2018/19 cohort to carry out her internship back in her home country. Placed with the Pacific Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (PCREEE), Tiueti was tasked with some exciting assignments one of which she had the opportunity to work with the Tonga Department of Energy, exposing her to some of the small scale and community-based Renewable Energy projects.

The experience Tiueti has gained from her studies and internship have made her passionate to see more people in Tonga attain the same opportunities that she has had so far,

"I feel that Tongans have the potential to grow and learn but the lack of resources and limited access to modern technology restricts their developments," she says

"There's a lot of bright, up and coming people out here that have so many goals and ambitions that can be achieved if they were given the opportunity, the sky is the limit."

Adding to her list of goals upon her return to Tonga is giving back to her parents,

"All that I am and ever hope to be, I owe it to my parents. I have always dreamt of being able to design a house that my parents can reside in and to be within a range of achieving that dream, it almost seems to good to be true."

"They are the reason why I stand where I am right now."

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