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Funding needed for PNG Garment and Textile Industry

News 5 Dec 2018

Papua New Guinea designs can hit the international markets but we need support to make this a reality.

This was the call made by Nathan Timo, manager for Business Development Division during the garment and textile graduation program.

He said: “We now have many young entrepreneurs who are studying the fashion Industry and who have seen that we’ve got a colorful and very unique style of PNG designs that are coming out.

“Furthermore those designs can hit the international and overseas market but the type of support that we are getting to develop this industry is not enough.”

The SMEC would want to see funding from donors, government and others to help upgrade the equipments at the training center which are very old.
“We have been struggling with the state of the equipments here as they are very old,” he said.

Mr Timo said most times when donor partners and representatives come to witness the Small to Medium Enterprise Corporation (SMEC) facilities, they offer their support to develop the program yet the support never comes.

He said despite the hardship that the SMEC is facing they will not close the program as it is a very good program and they will continue to develop and give skills training to the people.

The garment and textile training centre was established by the Department of Commerce and Industry in 2001 to develop the local textile Industry.
In 2012, the program was transferred to SME Corporation than (SBDC) to manage.

The garment and textile training program is offered in two batches which is certificate 1 and certificate 2.

For more information about the training offered you can contact the office on telephone Ph: 323 5816.

Source: Post Courier