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Fiber optic network to provide more assistance to Fiji

News 5 Dec 2018

The government’s recent $17 million investment in fiber optic network will go a long way to enhance communication between authorities and people during any disaster says Infrastructure Minister Jone Usamate.

While speaking at the third Pacific Regional Emergency Telecommunications Cluster Workshop in Nadi Usamate said Fiji is currently transitioning from radio connectivity to fiber optic link.

With Fiji currently into the cyclone season, Usamate says seamless communication is crucial during an event of a disaster.

“It is important to know that the value of having a state of the art technology will only be realized when effective communication is disseminated through a timely manner. In any emergency situation, the ability to communicate real time information is vital.”

Usamate says clear communication can lead to timely decisions where lives and properties can be saved.

Meanwhile experts from the communication and technology sector including practitioners from disaster management will be mapping out simple messaging platforms to improve communications during national disasters.

The three day workshop will focus on presentations from the region and other development strategies on communications and technology.

Source: FBC News