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Royal renovations in the capital cost SCC around $40,000

News 25 Oct 2018

Renovation to the market, sprucing up the roads in and through Suva City and a general clean up in readiness for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s visit to Fiji took nine days for the authorities responsible.

Suva City Council’s chief executive, Bijay Chand says the cost of the preparations for the Royal visit is well worth the investment.

“We have spent close to about $40, 000 all together in cleaning up the whole city and the market and painting up the roads, the markings in the car parking lots to make it really look nice.”

With the Duke and Duchess wrapping up their Fiji tour today, Chand says the SCC is hoping the newly revamped premises will be maintained.

“And we have painted the market and it’s looking really bright and nice and we want to keep that way and now it’s up to the vendors and the public to assist us, the Suva City Council in keeping our market really clean and nice looking”

Meanwhile FBC News understands their Royal Highnesses spent their last night in Fiji at an exclusive resort in Northern Lau.

The 800 acre property has three all-inclusive private villas and guests travel to and from the island on the resort’s private plane.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue their first global tour as a married couple, now heading to Tonga.

Source: FBC News