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Denarau Corporation Limited Partners With Zens’ Medical Centre

News 9 Oct 2018

Close to 10,000 guests, residents and workers on Denarau Island will see a marked improvement and rapid response to medical services following an agreement signed between the Denarau Corporation Limited (DCL) and Zens’ Medical Centre (ZMC).

The improvement includes now having a doctor and support staff based on Denarau Island 24 hours a day seven days a week.

The 12 month agreement between Denarau Corporation Limited and Zens’ Medical Centre was signed at the Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa on Denarau on Wednesday.

During the signing, DCL chairman, Pramesh Sharma said: “It was important we push our agenda for DCL and for the stakeholders to ensure that we get a 24/7 facility on the island and much negotiation have taken place.

“We recognise and identify the fact that it’s not a feasible business to actually have a 24/7 facility and we also appreciate the fact that Dr Zen has stuck his head out.

“We at DCL have been involved in ensuring that we subsidise the additional hours that is put in by the medical center.”

He added that as DCL stakeholders they are partially subsidising the 24/7 facility.

“It’s not really a significant amount when we break it down to the individual persons and with individual stakeholders. The important aspect from Denarau is that we have some reliance of medical care on the island, some opportunity of being able to comfort ourselves and our guests, that there is somewhere we can go to as quickly as possible.

Dr Zen Low said: “We are very proud and privileged to be working alongside DCL, to bring in a high quality health care that will now eventually support the DCL team and looking after everybody on the island.

“We have been here working together this year during the cyclone and flood and I think we have been here long enough to say we need something like this because its reaching the person on time that matters most and that’s where DCL has done a beautiful breach to allow us to do that.

“Reaching a patient who has collapsed within five minutes, its closer for us, not after 10 minutes then we get out from the town, that’s a big achievement that we actually have achieved today.”

Source: Fiji Sun