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Koya: Ministry Received 47,045 Grant Applications

News 2 Oct 2018

During the 2018 invitation for Micro and Small Business Grant (MSBG) proposals, the Ministry for Indus­try and Trade received 47,045 applica­tions from all over Fiji.

Officiating at the cheque handover at Seaqaqa, Minister Faiyaz Koya said over­all, they had assisted 33,995 micro and small entrepreneurs around the country to date.

He said the programme had impacted the lives of 169,975 Fijian with the total invest­ment by Government of $32.35 million.

“This is the 12th phase of the micro and small business grant during the 2017 and 2018 financial year,” Mr Koya said.

“I am extremely happy for the 2288 entre­preneurs of Seaqaqa who will be receiving a grant of more than a $1000.

“The grant will allow these entrepre­neurs to start their own businesses or to boost their existing businesses.

“These entrepreneurs will be making a difference in the lives of at least 11475 residence of this particular area.

“Since 2015 to date, the Micro and Small Business grant has assisted 3815 business­es belonging to men and women here.

“Having an impact to the lives of the 19000 people which Government are in­vesting at an approximately $19 million.”

Mr Koya said the project would not only improve the standards, presentation and hygiene of produce, but also assist to gradually mainstream vendors from the informal to the formal sector.

He said this initiative would soon be launched in the Northern Division.

“In this regard, the ministry has part­nered with the Fiji Development Bank and now your information is on their da­tabase, meaning you will be able to source finance and related advice from FDB,” he said.

“In addition to the MSBG, there are a number of other initiatives that target MSMEs.

“One such programme is the Standard­ised Roadside stalls. Through this pro­gram, the Government provides vendors standardised stalls to sell their produce from.”

Mr Koya said the vision of the Fijian Government was to ensure that all entre­preneurs graduate and progress to the next level.

“Your Government is doing this because, it has recognised a critical need on the part of ordinary Fijians to be able to get cash injection either to start a business or take their existing business to another level,” he said.

“Your Government has recognised your drive and passion and will provide you with the necessary support, in terms of training and mentoring.

“We want you to grow and prosper and not remain small, we want your products, your produce and your services to reach markets beyond Fiji, to the region and even the world.”

Source: Fiji Sun