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Business Missions in the Cook Islands and French Polynesia

28 Sep 2018

The Pacific Co-operation Foundation (PCF) team was part of the New Zealand Pacific Business Council delegation’s business mission to Cook Islands from September 20-21, followed by a visit to French Polynesia. Programme Development Manager Linda Kaua summarises the missions.

Cook Islands

During the two-day mission, the team participated in a conference on 20th September, organised by the Cook Islands Chamber of Commerce and the New Zealand Pacific Business Council at the Edgewater Resort in Rarotonga. The conference enabled the New Zealand-based participants to hear from the private sector and relevant government representatives of opportunities available for current and potential investors to consider, as well key challenges currently being experienced in Cook Islands.

The mission involved visits to a number of businesses in Rarotonga. It was a great opportunity for the PCF team to see the various business models in operation across various industries in Cook Islands, and the challenges and the success stories behind these.

The PCF team also undertook consultations with a number of private sector and government representatives in Rarotonga to seek feedback from stakeholders on their priorities in relation to the key areas of focus in for PCF’s strategic plan for 2018-2022. The team appreciates the views and feedback it received as it will shape the formulation of activities to progress implementation of its programmes for the next four years.

French Polynesia

PCF extended their mission to French Polynesia. The team was able to meet private sector representatives, including the Chamber of Commerce and relevant representatives from the government. Again, the team utilised this opportunity to consult stakeholders and seek their feedback on priority areas for their territory, as well as how these are taken into consideration in formulating of activities under PCF’s strategic plan.

The team was fortunate to meet with the Business Incubator representatives in Papa’ete, an initiative which is supported by the Chamber of Commerce. This initiative has provided relevant mentoring and support to new and innovative business ideas. This enables trainees to receive appropriate coaching over one year. There was positive feedback from business owners that have received support from the incubator. It is an interesting model and could be adopted accordingly in other Pacific island countries.

Feedback revealed great interest from stakeholders to work with PCF on certain initiatives. Hence, the Foundation looks forward to greater collaboration between relevant agencies in French Polynesia and PCF in the future.