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Rewarding Experiences

Success Stories 21 Sep 2018

Helene Boireau and Johan Lafitte, our interns from New Caledonia, reflect on their time with PCF over the past two months and how their experience at PCF has impacted them

Helene Boireau: “These last two months with PCF have been the most rewarding professional experience I’ve ever had. I’m studying at the School of Management and Commerce (Ecole de Gestion et de Commerce) and joined PCF as part of a two-month international internship that we had to complete as part of degree.

I had the opportunity to be supervised by a great team, who helped and supported me in all my tasks that I carried out. I also had the chance to do marketing and communications work in PCF, which was my favourite area.

Immersing into PCF’s work culture was very easy, thanks to the kindness of the entire PCF team. I was able to use my skills on behalf of an NGO that contributes to a great cause: the economic and and socio-cultural development of our beautiful Pacific region.

If I had to summarise everything this internship brought me, I would say “opportunity”. The opportunity to improve my English, meet great people and to take the leap of faith to go into another country and discover the work of a non-governmental organisation. The opportunity to understand the issues facing Pacific countries, but learn every day about the diverse cultures and its norms and customs. Above all, the opportunity to give back, even if it was small, to the development of the Pacific region.

Johan Lafitte:

“My two-month internship at PCF provided a lot of experience. It has benefited me professionally and personally. I’m at a business school where we study business, marketing, finance, management and communication. During this internship I was able to apply theoretical knowledge seen in class.

I was also able to improve my computer skills by creating brochures for events, such as conferences or meetings, and by formatting many documents, such as an application form. I also improved my analytical mind by making comparisons of travel agencies and website proposals. I put more attention on the visuals such as brochures, which allowed me to improve in the field of visual communication. This internship also allowed me to improve my English, which was my main objective for an internship in New-Zealand. Moreover, learning a more professional English is a good advantage in the business world.

On the personal plan, PCF allowed me to meet many important people, such as CEOs and members of consulates. I was able to attend and participate in conferences, meetings and networking that were extremely instructive for me and for my personal culture. This internship allowed me to develop my confidence sociability. And finally, I met lovely and awesome people, the whole team of PCF! I thank them for passing to me their knowledge and experiences throughout my internship.

I also learned a lot about the NGO industry, which was totally new for me, as I had never worked before for a non-profit-making organisation such as PCF. I only knew the world of business where the main goal is to generate a good turnover. This allowed me to see the difference in mentality and in how to work for an NGO. Their strategies and goals are different. It was a very nice discovery to work in this environment. These two months of immersion in PCF really enriched me professionally.

It was a very good experience of life and of work.

Thank you PCF!