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USP Emalus Campus offers MBA programme in Trimester

News 12 Sep 2018

The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Graduate School of Business is offering MBA programme at the USP Emalus this trimester. The programme begins this week. The first course will be completed in five weeks.

Some 35 successful students who received their offer letters to do the MBA programme attended the three-hour orientation program Monday September 10, 2018 in the Emalus Campus Conference Room.

An MBA alumni graduate, Mr Peter Tari, the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu, was invited to share his experiences as a student who undertook the program some years back. Mr Tari encouraged the students to work hard to achieve what they want to get from the program. He said, “From my experience, it was difficult especially from the start, becoming a student again, after being in the workforce. When you come out here please leave your working hat in your office and come as a student, not your position in your work place.

Another challenge that we face is the fees. But I think this will be arranged by University and respective participants. If you look at the fees and the courses that you are taking, it’s worth spending.”

The Reserve Bank Deputy Governor stressed that students make sure they fully participate in the group work as it will assist them get through the program.

The facilitator of the program who is based in Laucala Campus in New Zealand, Dr Peter Mario’s presentation was based on ‘soft skills’, as an alternative way to managing self-behaviour as well as others’. He began his presentation with the quote, “People Don’t Quit Jobs. People Quit Their Bosses”.

Dr Mario encouraged students to fully participate in their group work. Student attendance will also be assessed. “Work with me and we will all get there at the end of the program”, he said.

Other speakers for the orientation program came from the Centre for Flexible Learning, the USP Library and Student Administration Service (SAS).

Source: Daily Vanuatu Post