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Possibility of expanding RSE a work in progress

News 27 Aug 2018

The possibility of expanding the Recognized Seasonal Workers Programme from horticulture to employment in other sectors is now a work in progress as confirmed by New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister, Winston Peters, during his visit to Port Vila last week.

“What we have to do is step up for a more professional visa or legal access into our country for the people we’re talking about," he said.

“That needs some working and I am pretty confident we can do that pretty quickly.

“The second thing is where there are areas where maybe the ni-Vanuatu experience as young workers is not qualified as, say as in horticulture, then we got to look to see whether we can pick people that we can quickly train to fill the gaps that we might have.

“The other that I mentioned was tree planting. That is not difficult to do at all. That’s simple and easy.

“But if you talking about an expanded engagement in other work place situations in New Zealand then our High Commission and our staff are very much aware that is a concern for Vanuatu is a work in progress now."

On the issue of visa access to New Zealand, Mr Peters says it was discussed today with the Vanuatu Government.

“We realized that to assist the process that we started with respect to not just the visas but also seasonal workers, we need a far more tidy, efficient, but above all effective system that is not capable of being distorted in the way that sometimes these systems can have as a consequence in their operation in practice.

“We do realize it as priority and we got to get an answer to it as fast as we can and tend them to your government."

On the issue of the bilateral relations between Vanuatu and New Zealand, Mr Peters says it has always been extraordinarily good.

Source: Daily Vu