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PCF to sponsor The World Indigenous Business Forum 2018

News 24 Aug 2018

The World Indigenous Business Forum 2018 (WIBF 2018) is a major international event growing in global momentum since 2010. Aotearoa, New Zealand had successfully won the 2018 bid and the organising committee chose Rotorua as the host city. The event will take place on October 9 – 11 and is expected to draw 1000 global indigenous businesses.

The organising committee which consists of the chairperson and members of the Te Ohu Whai Ao Trust, and members of the Canadian Indigenous Business delegation held a preparatory meeting on August 18 in Rotorua. Programme Development Manager Linda Kaua attended the meeting on behalf of PCF who will be one of the forum sponsors.

PCF is excited to be involved in the WIBF 2018 as it would provide an opportunity for initial connections to be established between indigenous business owners/entrepreneurs from the Pacific including Australia and New Zealand and the world. Furthermore, this would be a stepping stone for the Māori Pacific Business Forum that PCF will be organising in the first half of 2019. By providing the platform for networking, exchanges of ideas, and good business practices this could potentially lead to partnerships in businesses in the future.