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Investment roadshow generates Fiji/PNG interest

News 15 Aug 2018

A recent Bula Wantok Fiji Investment Roadshow held at the Madang Resort in Papua New Guinea generated great interest from farmers and businesses in the Madang Province to supply primary kava roots in Fiji.

More than 100 participants, including corporate and business representatives, investors and small, medium and micro enterprises attended the Bula Wantok Investment Roadshow.

Fiji's Trade Commissioner to PNG Navitalai Tuivuniwai says farmers along the North Coast of Madang had been supplying primary kava roots to Fiji and other Pacific Islands for the past years.

Tuivuniwai says there has been a surge in demand, particularly from kava exporters in Fiji. Therefore, Madang could potentially provide Fiji and other Pacific Islands with much-needed supply.

The Bula Wantok Investment Awareness Roadshow is an awareness and informational workshop undertaken by the Fiji Trade Commission Office across the 22 provinces of PNG.

Source: FBC News