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Vanuatu: Project to make national budget public and easy to understand

News 14 Aug 2018

A group of young people in Port Vila are working on a project initiated by the Transparency International Vanuatu (TIV) to reduce the size of the national budget document and make it public.

The national budget document is so big that a lot of people do not read or understand everything it contains. The project will be working closely with the Department of Finance (DoF) to summarise the contents in a simple language for the public to access and read.

The project plans to release the new document at the end of this year, the same time when the official budget for 2019 will be release by parliament.

Compared to the existing national budget, the new one will be very short and easy to understand.

It is important for citizens to understand how the government generates and spent public money on services, why it is borrowing money and from who, said the Manager of the Citizen Budget Project, Kevin Valea.

The project supports the Right to Information (RTI) Policy by making sure people are not only accessing information but these information must be presented in a way that is easy to understand.

A one-day research orientation was held recently for the Department Manager of the Department of Finance and Treasury, John Robert Simelum, to brief 20 youth participants from the National Youth Council and Peer Educators Advocacy Group on what the national budget looks like before they begin their research and development of the document.

The project is supported by the UNODC-UNDP Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption Project.

Source: Daily Vu