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Flag, loyalty, patriotism says Vanuatu MP ahead of independence day

News 24 Jul 2018

“Let us be passionate about our own flag instead of other countries’ flags, July is our Victory Month therefore our flag should be flying everywhere; at home, on vehicles, on trees, on flag poles, on ships, on people’s heads and even painted on their faces.

“Remove all those foreign flags and start flying our own flag and be proud of our freedom and nationhood. If we need to swim in the colours of our flag then let us do it with passion”.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Office of the Prime Minister, MP Johnny Koanapo who is also the former Director General and former Director of Foreign Affairs, does not mince his words when he makes the urgent call in the spirit of loyalty and patriotism to everyone still flying a foreign flag to pull it down and replace it with the Vanuatu Flag.

As Vanuatu’s 38th Independence Anniversary is merely ten days away, MP Koanapo wants to see the public start displaying the country’s own colours to promote patriotism to celebrate our 38th.

While he understands the choices that people make concerning their most favourite soccer teams in the World Cup, the Parliamentary Secretary says that fever is finished and he clarifies that flying a foreign flag at this time is not only inappropriate but that to him, it is also insulting.

MP Koanapo says he has already raised his concern with the Ministry of Internal Affairs saying people must prove their love for country. “My point is that more and more of our young people are not taught about this loyalty and they must be taught to be loyal to their flag and their loyalty must flow through to the Government and down to their chiefs and their families”, he says.

“When I see people continue to fly foreign flags on their vehicles and their homes, it raises one question – where is your loyalty?”.

Meanwhile in the Mini Games in Port Vila at the end of last year, no one flew the Vanuatu flag everywhere. “As a former captain of the Seveners United soccer team, I think there is a limit to everything that we do. When we over-do it then it raises the question of whether we are still colonised instead of being a proud sovereign nation for the last 38 years”, he concludes.

Source: Daily Post Vanuatu