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FCEF Hosts Global Employers Forum on Climate Action

Media 23 Jul 2018

Fiji's national private sector and employers organisation, the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation (FCEF) officially announced its hosting of the Global Employers Climate Action Forum. The announcement was made by FCEF President, Mr Sandeep Chauhan and also present was the COP23 staff and other senior executives from the private sector.

In his announcement, Mr Chauhan said, "FCEF is hosting a one day Global Employers Climate Action Forum on 25 July 2018 at the Holiday Inn, Suva, Fiji. Participants from international, regional organisations and the Private Sector have been invited to attend and share lessons learned and experiences on their active commitment in accelerating climate action to support the Paris Agreement and the operation of the "Fiji Declaration on Resilient Businesses and Communities" which was endorsed at Bon, Germany."

The announcement was made at the My Suva Park as senior executives and partners from various bodies and government ministries supporting the forum, planted trees in a bid to help offset the carbon footprint of those travelling in from the outside Fiji to attend the Global Employers Climate Action Forum.

The Executive Director for COP23, Mr. John Connor was also the Launch and tree planting exercise, in his remarks Mr. Connor mentioned that the tree planting initiative was well thought and planned considering the intent of the work towards climate action. He also congratulated the work of the FCEF and the private sector for the positive partnerships that have been fostered with government in supporting the objectives of COP23.

The Global Employers Climate Action Forum (GECAF) will also provide a platform for representatives from the private sector in Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu and Tuvalu to highlight areas of concern and as mentioned by the FCEF President Sandeep Chauhan, "The outcomes of the forum will be presented at the Climate Action Pacific Partnerships (CAPP) Meeting on Thursday 26 July. Moreover, these outcomes will be presented at any Global Meeting and the UN Negotiations Conference as our input and the voice of the Private Sector will be heard so that the challenges we are facing are heard and considered."

The Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation is hosting this event in collaboration with:

- Vodafone
- Global Green Growth Institute
- Pacific Islands Development Forum
- Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat
- COP23 Secretariat
- Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations
- International Labour Organisation
- Ministry of Industry Trade and Tourism
- Holiday Inn
- Pacific Climate Ready
- Pacific Cooperation Foundation
- Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development
- National Disaster Management
- Fiji Times