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Bid to integrate new financial system to provincial councils

News 23 Jul 2018

The iTaukei Affairs Board for the first time since its inception will integrate its new financial system with the 14 provincial councils which will enable real-time reporting.

This was highlighted by the iTaukei Affairs Ministry permanent secretary Naipote Katonitabua during the opening of the provisional treasurers’ workshop in Suva last week.

“Our new financial system which is likely to be live or online from August to September 2018, is intended to increase our pace of work, be innovative and create a working environment that is friendly and most importantly that is enjoyable to your colleagues and our stakeholders,” Mr Katonitabua said.

“This will be the first time since inception TAB to integrate its financial systems with the 14 provincial councils and will also enable real-time reporting.”

He said the provincial councils including the assistant treasurers, since they were the key users of the system, were expected to familiarise and keep abreast with the new system development.

He said the business process and finance manual would be reviewed and aligned to the new automated system.

He told the treasurers their role was to account all the money received and spent whenever possible where it was invested.

“An integral part of honesty is integrity and having strong moral principle of the role and responsibilities bestowed upon yourselves. Maintain high ethical standards and to be analytical,” he said.

Source: Fiji Times