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PNG Wau Farming Children Open Bank Accounts

News 17 Jul 2018

Several children of Wau villages have bank accounts with savings from the local produce they have sold over time from their farms.

The children of farmers in the Wandumi model farm area have bank accounts with bank cards that allow them to be paid fortnightly from the produce they sell.

The kids were trained by their parents initially to farm commercially with the assistance of Fresh Produce Development Authority in 2013.

Jim Robin a grade 3 student said that he has helped his parents to work the land and plant several produce and now he is more than excited to open up a bank account and have money for his personal needs.

“Moni me kisim lo fortnight taim me salim kumu save helpim me lo baim lunch, skul materials nab aim clothes blo wearim.

“Mi hamamas lo NKW lo baim ol kumu blo mi na nau me gat mani.”

Wandumi Farmer Gabu Robin said she is pleased her children have money to that sustains and contributes to the family’s income.

“I am very thankful that FPDA had come to train us to be commercial farmers and now that training has improved the lifestyle of us simple village farmers.

“My child can earn K500 to K1000 and I can earn more than that for my family every fortnight.

“Mi kaikai kumu so sik no painim mi na mi no go hausik longpla time now.”

Another woman farmer Kylie Krimbu said she did have a hard time selling her produce at the local informal market and most of her goods at times were not bought and went stale.

“Kumu blo mi save bagarap. Nau taim FPDA kam trainim mipla kumu blo miple NKW save baim lo taim na mipla olgeta fama gat moni na kumu no save bagarap olsem bipo.”

Krimbu stressed that the chirdren now can have a more better outlook to attain a decent education and some farmers have even sent their children as far as Tertiary Level Institutions in the country from farming.

FPDA program manager for Value Chain and Innovation Noel Kuman said out of the 368 farmers in Wau they had trained since 2013 ninety percent of them were females.

“‘In time these women had even trained their children to farm the land and now they all have bank accounts that money is paid to them by NKW Fresh after harvest and selling of their produce.

“The experience is a life transformation process for these simple farmers and their families.”

Source: Post Courier