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Au revoir Constance!

News 12 Jul 2018

After two months in New Zealand, PCF Marketing Intern Constance Caruzzo is leaving our shores to re-join her family and school in New Caledonia. The PCF team held a farewell lunch for Constance on her last day, celebrating her professional and personal successes. Constance shadowed Marketing and Communications Manager Suzanne Suisuiki, who ensured she made the most out of her internship. She grew in confidence, despite English being her second language.

“When I first started, I was very shy and wasn’t sure if people here had the patience to understand me,” says Constance.

“But I’ve met so many wonderful people and done so much.”

A highlight for her was putting together the communications strategy with Suzanne, who introduced her to other marketing professionals, such as Stella Muller, media broadcasters and High Commissioners.

“One feedback that I will take into serious consideration is working in the international development space as a diplomat,” she says.

“Suzanne has great faith in me because of my multilingual skills. I’ve also taken up Mandarin while working on my English.”
Thank you Constance for your hard work. It has been a pleasure to host you for two months and we cannot wait to hear more of your achievements.

Merci beaucoup!