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Fiji coffee company looks to buy bigger water filtration system

News 2 Jul 2018

A coffee processing business in Fiji is raising funds to buy a mobile water filtration system to help villages access clean drinking water, particularly after floods.

Two cyclones earlier this year affected harvests and left at least 250, 000 people across the country without clean drinking water.

Bula Coffee spokesperson Luke Fryett said as a solution, they now want to purchase a bigger mobile water filtration system from New Zealand to help the community.

He said staff have already seen the benefits from a smaller water filtration system that has just been set up in their office.

"Which has been a huge help because sometimes our water looks like your coffee and is literally what it comes out and looks like, it just comes out brown. That has been a huge stress relief for us, just knowing that all the staff here we can keep on working and we don't have to worry and track down bottled water or anything."

A Give a Little fundraising page hopes to raise $US10,000 for the filtration system.

Source: RNZ