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NZIPR Postgraduate Scholarships available

News 28 Jun 2018

Building Pacific research capacity is a significant feature of the New Zealand Institute for Pacific Research (NZIPR). It’s increasing the number of active qualified Pacific researchers and is offering three post graduate scholarships to Pacific students who are currently enrolled at each of the consortium universities ‐ the University of Auckland, the University of Otago, and Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

This opportunity is also available to students at the University of the South Pacific. Students can apply if they are enrolled in a programme in 2018 or if they are enrolling in a graduate programme in 2019. This grant seeks to enhance the linkages between NZIPR research projects and emerging Pacific.

researchers and to support Pacific postgraduate researchers within New Zealand.

All applications for the scholarships are required to include a written statement about how the research supported by this grant will contribute to one of the research themes of the NZIPR research programme.

The scholarships will be in the form of a one‐off grant up to $NZD10,000. The financial support can be used by the post graduate student to assist with university fees, field research costs, conference attendance, and/or research publication and dissemination. A budget outlining how the funds will be allocated is an expected component of the scholarship application. It will be the responsibility of the consortium universities to manage and distribute the funds once NZIPR has provided the funds. The scholarship can be held concurrently with other awards. For more info contact research programme manager Dr Evelyn Marsters or visit the NZSSN website.