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Madang Airport to Get K100 Million Facelift

News 27 Jun 2018

Madang will be transformed once the K100 million Madang Airport and major road rehabilitation, which are now underway, are complete says Governor Peter Yama.

Mr Yama said one of his major aims as the Governor of Madang is to see the province return to its glory days, have state of the art infrastructure and develop the place so economic services can flow easily and benefit the people that matter most. “We have the K100 million airport rehabilitation coming up, including the four-lane road, which we have already talked about – a big boost to Madang,” Mr Yama said.

“We are also talking about the Pacific Maritime Industrial Zone project which should be a gift to the people of Madang – we need to have direct control of this project, which will be a very big boost to Madang and including all the developments and job creation that it will have and the impact in the township of Madang.

“There are lots of projects planned for Madang and these are what I am working towards. I thank Prime Minister Peter O’Neill who has given his undertaking and commitment to develop Madang,” he said. Mr Yama also spoke about Prime Minister’s first official visit to Madang and the planned Cabinet meeting that he wants to host in Madang this year.

“There will be a lot of projects for Madang, the airport maintenance, which is ADB funded and I thank the ADB for that too, the awarding of contract will be anytime soon and work to start soon too.

“There’s also the Ramu Madang Highway, the main economic lifeline and the Madang Town roads – in line with Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s commitment which we reached,” Mr Yama said.

He said apart from all these, he also has a major plan to boost the economy of the province, apart from the roads, airport and wharf. Mr Yama said he would announce these plans soon.

Source: Post Courier