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Promoting conservation at APEC 2018

News 21 Jun 2018

John D’siguria, a former athlete turned businessman, established his family business Dodom Investments Ltd in 2014 to set up a conservative to save turtles on Trobriand Island, his home island in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

In speaking to PCF about Dodom Investments Ltd and its involvement in the upcoming APEC Conference in November 12-18, John expresses pride that PNG is hosting APEC for the first time.

The conference is expected to draw thousands of delegates from all over the region and beyond, among them Chinese leader Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump. Having been an international representative in sport, representing PNG in two Commonwealth Games - Scotland in 1986 and in New Zealand 1990 - John isn’t fazed about who’s attending.

“I’m no stranger to seeing diplomats or world leaders, so once I heard PNG was set to host the APEC event, I saw it as an avenue to get involved,” he says, adding that he is keen to raise awareness around PNG’s environmental efforts to an international audience beyond the Pacific region.

During the lead-up APEC meetings held in Port Moresby, Dodom Investments Ltd produced and sold artefacts and eco-friendly fabric bags made from locally-sourced materials.

“For every artefact that a customer bought, our bags were used to wrap and pack their items. The bags were also our way of supporting the government’s policy of banning plastic bags,” he says.

“Each of our bags had authentic PNG designs. It really made an impression on our customers.”

Dodom Investments will operate during the APEC summit, then return to Trobriand Islands when APEC concludes, where John will continue on his turtle conservation project.

“The word ‘dodom’ is PNG for ‘seaweed’ and is a delicacy for our sea turtles. I thought it was a suitable name for our business, as saving the turtles on Labai beach was our first focus. But we tend to branch out in many ways, so I hope our experience with APEC will give us the confidence and momentum to start up tourism initiatives and educational programmes.”