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Nambawan Trophy opens chicken outlet

News 20 Jun 2018

A new fast food outlet has opened at the Waigani commercial area hoping to woo customers with their simple chicken combo deals.

“The shop name tells you who we are,” head of operations of The Chicken Shop Andrew Clarke says.

“All our offerings here are chicken. It is the hero in everything we do”.

The fast food outlet is the first to be opened by parent company Nambawan Trophy Limited, as a pilot project.

Clark said the shop also aims to provide a good environment and promote good health and hygiene habits.

He said their aim is to keep things simple for customers.

“We don’t want to present them with 20 different variations of the same product.

“We have made our menu straightforward to ease the customers’ decision making,” he said.

PNG Nambawan Trophy Limited group managing director Jim Gui said that as the city, time and people change, they also decided to try out new business concepts.

“We thought we might as well upgrade ourselves.

“It is a fresh, modern, comfortable concept,” he said.

“If this one is successful, we will roll out other branches in the city,” Gui said.

The new Chicken Shop is located at the Waigani Mobil fuel station next to the BSP headquarters.

Source: The National