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Fiji Report Receives Positive Response

News 8 Jun 2018

Fiji’s report on the recent 34th Session of the Food and Agri­culture Organisation (FAO) regional conference for Asia and the Pacific has been received with a positive response by all FAO members.

Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development and National Disaster Management and Meteorological Services Inia Seruirtau, as president of Asia Pa­cific Regional Conference reported on the outcome of the conference which took place in Nadi on 9 to 13 April 2018.

The FAO welcomed the report by the minister who provided the final report on behalf of the Asia Pacific region.

It included a summary of the main recommendations on pro­grammes and budgetary matters for the attention of the FAO coun­cil and another on regulatory and policy matters for the attention of the FAO conference.

Mr Seruiratu was speaking at the first plenary meeting of the FAO’s 159th Session at the FAO headquar­ters in Rome, Italy.

In presenting the report, the min­ister underlined the need for conti­nuity in the strategic direction of the organisation and welcomed the alignment of the FAO’s Strategic Objectives with the 2030 Agenda indicators.

He added that following the April conference, countries from the Asia Pacific region recognised the need to review the FAO’s global cover­age.

This is to provide effective support to members according to needs and in consultation with governments of concerned countries, recognised the specific concerns of the Pacific and allowing sufficient time for consultations.

Key areas that formed the report included the growing threat of cli­mate change and its impact on food security.

Not just in the Asia Pacific region but across the world especially in developing countries.

“With regard to the prioritisation of country and regional needs, the regional conference underscored that food security and nutrition are fundamental requisites for na­tional and global stability and the sustainable socio-economic devel­opment of every country,” Mr Se­ruiratu said.

“The regional conference empha­sised the importance of SDGs, the Paris Climate Change Agreement and the Sendai Framework in guid­ing future actions in agriculture, food security and nutrition and welcomed the FAO’s strategic ob­jectives with the (UN) SDGs.”

The April conference saw the par­ticipation of 140 delegates includ­ing 10 ministers and 45 vice minis­ters and other high – level delegates representing 35-member country delegations plus 36 observers.

The FAO director general José Graziano da Silva was also present at the conference.

Mr Seruiratu was supported in Rome by Fiji’s Ambassador in Bel­gium and permanent representa­tive to the FAO, Ambassador Deo Saran.

Source: Fiji Sun