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​Developing Young Professionals

News 8 Jun 2018

By Constance Caruzzo – PCF intern & 3rd year student at ECG Business

Last Wednesday May 30, I was given the opportunity to attend the International Development Young Professionals (IDYP) NZ launch and networking event with Suzanne Suisuiki, PCF’s Marketing & Comms Manager and my internship mentor.

The IDYP network is a reliable leader in the community. It provides opportunities for IDYPs to expand their networks, build knowledge and share and develop ideas. It does so by convening meaningful events, supporting skills and training opportunities and providing a credible space for learning and sharing.

Members are young professionals with a passion for international development who want to learn more about IDYP, whether they are studying or working in ID careers or seeking a career.

The event consisted of a World Café discussion. We discussed in small groups where New Zealand is heading in relation to international development. We mixed and moved to different tables to tackle other related questions.

It was a challenging and enriching opportunity for me. As English is not my mother tongue, it was difficult to express myself. I was due to talk about the future of international development in New Zealand, but was not at ease as I don’t really know New Zealand’s political scene. But I still felt enriched, having met a lot of interesting and passionate people who expanded my knowledge of the Pacific region.