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News 24 May 2018

Dr. Evelyn Marsters, Research Programme Manager

Since 2016, the New Zealand Institute for Pacific Research (NZIPR) has been the think-tank for the region. It develops in-depth research and analysis for Pacific governments and agencies to support sustainable development.

Based at the University of Auckland, NZIPR’s research programmes are delivered by a consortium, led by the Universities of Auckland, Otago and AUT. PCF is proud to be one of NZIPR’s founding donors and will continue to promote and support excellence in Pacific research.

Dr. Evelyn Marsters is NZIPR’s Research Programme Manager. Of Cook Islands heritage with a PhD in Development Studies from Auckland University, she has both research management and communications experience. Her research interests cover migration, development and health issues in the Pacific.

PCF’s Suzanne Suisuiki talks to Evelyn for a Q & A

Q: Why is it important to have an institute such as NZIPR?

NZIPR demonstrates a commitment by the New Zealand Government to expand Pacific research capacity and to understand and engage with the Pacific through thorough research.

Q: What current projects are you working on?

NZIPR has seven research projects, drawn from a broad range of topics. All will contribute to our understanding of contemporary Pacific. The titles of our research projects give an indication of the depth of our research:

- Health, Wellbeing, and Church Responses to Gender-Based Violence: Supporting Pacific Church Capacity for Transformative Social Leadership
- Healthy Eating Plus Enterprise: A Participatory Approach to Pacific Youth contributing to Health Goals and Sustainable Economic Development
- Te Ang Maitoro: Cooling Kiribati and Samoa
- Promoting Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Tourism Development
- The Incorporation of Pacific Island Vanilla Industries into Global Value Chains: Implications for Sustainable Development
- A Decision-Making Framework to Develop and Manage Seaweed Farms in the Pacific
- Polynesian Pathways to a future without Electricity Grids
- Labour Markets for Sustainable Economic Development
- Land and Development

Q: What issues do you think the Pacific region should take immediate action on?

There’s a range, including but not limited to gender equality, labour migration, climate change, as well as commercial and sustainable industry growth. Our approach is to look at these issues and to find multi-dimensional linkages between them.

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