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PNG Can Learn About Tourism From Kiwis

News 24 May 2018

New Zealand has a lot to offer in tourism and Papua New Guinea can learn from that, National Planning Minister Richard Maru says.

Maru, who has just returned from a week-long visit to New Zealand, said his department would work with PNG Tourism Promotion Authority to see how best they could work on this plan.

He said New Zealand had four million tourists every year while PNG had only 400,000.

Maru said PNG had a big potential in tourism but those products were not marketed well, hence, tourists are not informed.

“In tourism, New Zealand has done far better than us in terms of the cultural heritage,” he said.

“This is an area that we can learn a lot from. We have a lot of cultures in our country.

“We need to learn from the Maoris who are translating their culture into tourism products.

“They have cultural activities every single day, while we have cultural days for certain events and all-year-round we do nothing.

“Culture every single day: That should be a strategy that we should use.

“We have lots to offer. We have lots to learn.

“We really need to send a team down to look at that model.”

Source: South Pacific Tourism Organisation