News Item

​Finding her Feet

News 24 May 2018

Seeing the scope of work undertaken by PCF in the region surpasses Fipe Salabogi’s expectations now that she has joined the organisation.

“I knew of the Pacific Cooperation Foundation, but reading the extent of the work that is being done here for the region was a real eye opener,” says the newly-appointed Administration Officer.

From a family in Suva, Fiji, with proud Rotuman roots, Fipe worked in the hospitality industry, including the Sigatoka Resort and the 5 Star Royal Davui Island Resort. She then undertook studies at the Fiji Institute of Technology.

In 2009 the family moved to Auckland. She was working at an Auckland city medical centre when she heard about the position available at PCF.

Fipe is delighted by her appointment and believes skills learnt from her time in the hospitality industry will be beneficial to her role.

“You need to be organised. I learnt that when I was working in hospitality, where you’re doing so much in terms of preparing for big events like weddings, with the amount of general logistics such as transport involved,” she says.

In fact, Fipe enjoys it so much she organises many of her family gatherings, which include an annual Rotuman Family Group get-together held every Labour Weekend.

“I’ve been part of the treasury committee for the past five years,” she says.

“It’s a big family group of around 150 people from the two factions, mainly from Auckland and Wellington. My primary role is as an administrator, but I’m looking forward to being able to contribute to a number of events that PCF hosts.”