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​Cultural Enhancement Program to help maintain Fiji culture

News 10 May 2018

In an effort to maintain our culture and tradition the Department of I-Taukei Affairs has embarked on a Cultural Enhancement Program.

The program will be carried out by the Institute of Language and Culture and it will involve youths from around the country.

I-Taukei Affairs, Senior Officer, Simione Sevudredre says with the fast growth of modernization and its influence on our culture, the program will enable youths to better understand what we are known for.

“The generation of ITaukei today are not the generation two or three years ago who were raised in the village where they were in an environment which was conducive for all this cultural transmission but there is detachment from the traditional environment came also the disconnection of heritage and values.”

The cultural enhancement program will enable participants to have a level of maturity to maintain our traditions.

Meanwhile, the Department of ITaukei Affairs is calling on youths to engage in this program and at the same time make an effort to save our culture.

Source: FBC