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​Gerardines Broadening Horizons

News 30 Apr 2018

From a background involving extensive work with Pacific communities in New Zealand, newly-appointed PCF board member Gerardine Clifford-Lidstone (pictured centre) looks forward to the opportunity to contribute to the wider Pacific region.

“The Pacific Reset Mission was timely in that it made us look closer at our relationship in the region in regards to how PCF can make a positive contribution,” says Gerardine, who lived in Samoa as a child and attended St Teresa’s, Lepea for primary school, then Samoa College.

“Spending large parts of my childhood in Samoa as a youngster provides me with a broader perspective. I work closely with Pacific communities in Wellington (where Gerardine lives) and I’m always looking at opportunities to collaborate, whether it’s in the region or through iwi here in Aotearoa.”

Gerardine studied at Massey University and completed an executive programme at Harvard Business School as part of an Aniva Fellowship. She has been involved extensively within the Pacific community in a number of roles, including her current position as Chair of the Wellington Community Trust, a philanthropic organisation that provides community grants to a wide range of groups.

She is still in contact with many of her cohorts from her schooling days in Samoa and is delighted many of them hold leadership positions in the private and public sectors across the region. The chance to return to Samoa and the region has its appeal, but only if she feels she can make a worthwhile contribution.

“I’ve been to the region to help facilitate and run workshops, but the work PCF does is at a whole new level altogether,” she says.

“My main interest is to see how we can forge robust economic development for our communities. With my appointment to a regional organisation, the term communities is significantly broader.”