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Businesswoman wins U.N. Environment award

News 29 Mar 2018

A local Samoan businesswoman has been awarded US$10,000 (T$25,000) supporting grant from the U.N. Environment.

Angelica Salele-Sefo is the winner of the Asia Pacific Low Carbon Lifestyles Challenge in the Plastic Waste category.

The Asia-Pacific Low-Carbon Lifestyles Challenge aims to mobilise and support young people with business ideas on how to foster energy-efficient, low-waste and low-carbon lifestyles.

Twelve winners each receive US$10,000 to support their business venture focusing on one of three different categories: mobility, plastic waste and energy.

As the winner, Mrs. Salele-Sefo also receives business and marketing training from global experts, and pitch to win an additional US$10,000 prize to bolster her business.

U.N. Environment’s Director for the Asia-Pacific region, Dechen Tsering, said: “Plastic waste is a blight on our planet and few know this better than those living in Pacific Island nations.

“We are hunting for solutions to this problem, and Angelica’s innovation is an example of the type of ingenuity that helps move us forward.

“It’s fantastic to see that her venture also supports women and girls, who are too often marginalised despite their central role in protecting our planet.”

Disposable feminine sanitary pads contribute to household waste across the globe.

Mrs. Salele-Sefo’s business involves producing reusable feminine hygiene products. She produces and sells reusable sanitary pads that are durable and made of natural fibers.

They offer women and girls an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to single use, disposable sanitary pads made of toxic plastic materials.

Mrs. Salele-Sefo’s is also able to provide employment to a team of women seamstresses who manufacture the product.

Source: Samoa Observer