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French Polynesia keen to test Kiwi market at Pasifika

News 21 Mar 2018

Two companies from French Polynesia are participating at the Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) NZ Pasifika Business Market at the Pasifika Festival at Western Springs in Auckland on March 24-25.

The Chamber of Commerce Industry Services and Trade is the lead Economic Development Agency (EDA) in French Polynesia and has been working with the French New Zealand Chamber of Commerce and PTI NZ to revitalise links with local businesses and develop future opportunities in New Zealand. The Chamber is known by its French acronym CCISM.

CCISM led a trade mission to New Zealand with five companies in 2017. These companies attended a Path to Market workshop at the PTI NZ offices in Auckland as part of their mission. Two of these companies, Nesian and Noni Energy will be at the Pasifika Business Market.

Speaking about the French Polynesian participation at Pasifika, Florian LeClercq, CCISM’s Export International Trade Advisor said, “It is a great opportunity for French Polynesian companies to test the consumer market response to their products. It is an amazing opportunity and they will be able to get a lot of feedback. I am hoping that they will meet a lot of buyers and hopefully a buyer (or more) with whom they will establish some business partnership.”

As for expected outcomes Mr LeClercq said, “We’re looking forward to amazing sales and amazing welcoming of French Polynesian products by New Zealand consumers. If business relationships are built, it would be an amazing adventure ahead!”

Mr LeClercq acknowledges PTI’s partnership : “As an institution, PTI is our counterpart and they help us a lot in organising everything for the companies.

“They did a trade mission organised by the CCISM in October over three days to meet potential partners and to meet buyers and NZ companies. Furthermore, they met PTI and other institutions which helped them on having a better understanding on New Zealand market.”

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