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​Warm welcome in sunny Nelson

Success Stories 1 Feb 2018

For Romella Bue, from Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea, interning at Nelson City Council has been an incredible experience.

The 25-year-old is a Pacific New Zealand Scholarship recipient, and part of Pacific Cooperation Foundation’s (PCF) 2017-2018 Summer Internship initiative.

Romella, who says she enjoyed high school economics, has been studying Applied Economics and Finance at Massey University.

Her time at Massey University has helped her to be open-minded, think critically and analyse choices individuals or larger groups make in the world of business and investment, she says.

“I hope to fully utilise skills and experiences I gained on my journey here when I return home to Vanuatu.”

When Romella (pictured above with her team at Nelson City Council) was selected for the 10-week internship, she was a little nervous about being the only intern placed at Nelson City Council.

It was a whole new experience for her, but she adapted, made friends and fit in well, she says.

Romella worked with the People and Capability (HR) team, an all-female unit, who welcomed her with open arms.

She has completed two major projects with this department– the 2017 staff exit interview data transfers and organising Christmas gifts for the 200+ employees at the Council.

“I was able to enhance my management skills; learn to be punctual; get tasks done on time; be organised; and develop my communication skills.”

Working with the HR team has given Romella deeper insights into her role as a Residential Advisor at Massey University, looking after students overall wellbeing, she says.

“It is also a good starting point for me as one of my graded course this year will be working with Asteron Life, an insurance company in Palmerston North.”

The work culture in her team has been the highlight of the internship for Romella.

“Everyone is welcoming, approachable and helpful, and there is hardly position hierarchy between staff.

“I have been catching-up with my Manager on Fridays over a beverage, I don’t think I could do that back home.”

This internship is really relevant and valuable to scholars who are eager to learn, accept correction and be trained, she continues.

“It will build your confidence and self-development, and you are exposed to very well-managed systems.

“You also observe how smart, hardworking and committed employees work to make their city an even better place and you can imagine how cool it would be if it was like that at home.”

Romella wants Pacifica students to accept new challenges, and opportunities.

“We live in a world of opportunities and possibilities - don’t limit yourself, step out and grab what’s out there.

“Trust me, you won’t regret a thing.”

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